The National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit entity.  The mission of the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago is to promote knowledge of health and medicine and to encourage scientific research and innovation by:

1) Supporting the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

2) Enhancing access to scientific data through large-scale digitization projects.

3) Maintaining a center for scientific research initiative.

4) Serving as a locus of education for scholars, innovators, students, educators and the general public.

5) Engaging the public with revolutionary exhibition technology.

6) Supporting projects in the arts and sciences which promise to provide long-lasting positive impacts on the human condition.


NMHMC programs focus in three areas:


Biomedical informatics in the service of the biomedical sciences, drawing on content and information within the collections of the NMHM, while creating new technologies and integrated information resources to serve specific research projects as well as act as long term research resources for scientists and learners around the world.


Electronic Publishing

Curating, collecting, processing, formatting and creating content and software for delivery of widespread access to components of the NMHM collections in Silver Spring, Maryland, with an aim of providing both resources and reference materials for researchers and entertaining educational experiences for students. A primary focus is on creating mobile apps for platforms like the iPad, together with corresponding material to be released through the museum's public website.


Exhibition & Innovation

Curating, processing, formatting, developing and creating content for public exhibitions and demonstrations that draw upon the content of the collection of the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Maryland.